Oda's Colosseum

This is a blog where we will be staging combat between characters in Oda's One Piece until only one stands! Welcome to Oda's Colosseum!!

Braham stood up and shook some sand out of his knitted hat.  The pistols seemed to be in working order, but his surroundings were strange.  The high walls were breached and down came a round man, covered in fur and iron.  Wapol landed face first, pushed himself up to his ass and squinted, eyeing the stranger wearing wings and a dress of grass.  

Wapol planted his pinky in his nose and rolled his eyes “What are you?  A dancing girl?”  His question did not upset Braham but before either could say another word the announcement came from above:


Braham drew like a flash and blasted Wapol’s eyes, the deposed king screamed and covered his eyes, unable to see.  A blast sounded off and Braham’s iron skates flung him over Wapol’s head, he unloaded firing a volley of bullets down at his blinded foe.  The Shandian’s bullets landed and Wapol’s back burst in a spray of red blood.  The king staggered to his feet, his half-open eyes adjusting to see the silhouette of the gunman before him.  He growled and lunged himself towards Braham, his jaws forwards trying to devour the peasant who had the audacity to shoot him!  Braham did not understand why this hippo-wearing goon was trying to bite him, but he easily stepped to the side, this blue-sea dweller can take a bite out of the stone wall for all he cared.

Then the blue-sea dweller took a bite out of the stone wall.  Then Wapol turned, smiling wide.  His body transformed, the fur and flesh replaced by the deep gray stone that matched the walls around them.  Braham was having none of this devil-fruit business and opened fire again, emptying his pistols at the king.  The bullets were useless, they ricochet’d off his stone body, flying about the arena, striking uselessly at the sand and then into Braham’s leg.

He shouted, surprised at the sudden shot to his shin.  Wapol put his stone legs to the sand and lunged forwards, wrapping his stone teeth around his foe’s right arm and snapping it in a quick jerk.  Braham collapsed, his limbs shot and bones broken, he passed out, breathing sand and cursing the foes of Shandia.  Wapol won, his body turning back to gaudy fur and flesh before the sand shifted below his feet and he began free falling.  


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